Hanson Information Systems, Inc./Family Net began in 1997 as a unique service company providing technology solutions through the use of the Internet. At that point in time, there were many players in the Springfield area Internet market. HIS/Family Net’s marketing strategy was based on premium services, reliable, safe Internet access, and outstanding technical support. With the primary location in Springfield, IL, HIS expanded to include Decatur and smaller rural communities in central Illinois, providing all with a local access number. Even then, HIS endeavored to become a partner in each community by offering a Sponsorship Program whereby HIS could give a percentage of the customer service rate to local non-profit organizations. Community outreach established HIS/Family Net as a community leader, a crucial part of building a solid reputation.

Hanson Building

Network Reliability, Customer Service, and Ethical Business Practices

With expansion into diverse markets, HIS’s reputation for network reliability, customer service, and ethical business practices grew as well. Between the years 1991 and 1995, five local ISP’s approached HIS for management services. All were successfully added to an expanded network which covered Central IL from Peoria to Carbondale, Danville to Quincy. Individual users numbered in the tens of thousands. Staff size increased, and energy was high.

HIS consultants have expertise across both emerging and legacy technologies, so they remain objective in the clients' best interests. The approach and delivery models are also designed to accommodate the rapidly changing business needs of the clients. Consultants are accountable each and every day, and their experience is highly respected in the industries served.

2008 saw the completion of a HIS Disaster Recovery and Data Center providing yet another set of services available to the business client concerned about disaster recovery. The facility is equipped with regulated power, multiple access points for redundancy, 24/7/365 monitoring and full technical support. Colocation space is available for organizations interested in housing servers in a secure, controlled environment.

During these years of technological changes, HIS employees became the key asset. Highly experienced consultants thrive on the opportunity to work with customers in solving difficult problems using technology solutions. HIS takes great pride in the collective knowledge, willingness to innovate, and ability to partner effectively with clients. Collaboration with customers is the cornerstone of the HIS approach.


Technology changes in the mid-2000’s were rapid. Delivery methods changed. Telecommunication carriers entered the marketplace with some succeeding, some failing, and with many mergers. HIS, with experience, with foresight, and always with integrity, was able to forge a path and solidify its market share in the business community. Customers, well satisfied with service, asked HIS to provide full IT support including network management, web hosting and application development, and IT equipment procurement.

At HIS, innovative people deploying empowering solutions is the norm, each and every day.