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When you browse the web for technology stories, a big contender for a top-5 topic is security. We write a lot about security here at Hanson because security is such a big deal, yet it’s often something people and business organizations think little about. If it’s not a high priority, then chances are security isn’t receiving the same funding as other facets of an organization. But if there is a gap in your security, no matter how small, it could be used against you.

So what can you do? Well, I would like to talk about one very important concept in IT security, and that is the 3, 2, 1 Backup Rule. How many of you out there are head scratching right about now? That’s ok. Now is the perfect time to learn about it and also to learn what you can do to tighten up any of those pesky gaps.

In an industry full of best practices, this may be the best best practice.

“OK, ok, we get it. Security is important. What is the 3, 2, 1 Backup Rule?”

Great question.

1. Keep three copies of your data

While it is important to keep backups of all of your data, sometimes that’s not feasible, either for technological or financial reasons. But it stands to reason that if you lose the original file for whatever reason, you should have a backup. So why not two backups? That leads us to our second point…

2. Be Smart about storing your backups

“That’s a beautiful Power Point presentation you’ve designed for Wednesday’s staff meeting. And I see you have your two backups right there on your desktop. It’d be a shame for your machine to fail and for you to lose everything!”

Backups exist to protect your files, but if they aren’t stored separately from the originals, they could just as easily be lost or corrupted. So when saving your two backup files, save them to alternative media. Our best advice is to save them to an external hard drive and to the Cloud. The two files are separate, so protect them in separate but equal manners.

3. Keep one backed up Off-Site

Hanson Information Systems is not only a leader in networking and internet services, we are leaders in Cloud Computing and off-site backup. Why? The reason is simple: necessity.

The Midwest is known to see all types of weather, from destructive rain and snow storms, to tornadoes and electrical storms. Your information may be safe on your computer and external hard drive, but if your company’s building floods, what do you do?

Saving your mission-critical data off-site in a server or in the Cloud is tantamount to saving it on your machine. This is something you can set and forget. You don’t have to manually save files to the Cloud, your machine can do it for you. And the best part is that if something is lost, your recovery can be fast and painless.

Still want to learn more about the 3, 2, 1 Backup Rule, or are you interested in discussing Cloud Computing or off-site backup? Call one of the knowledgeable technicians at Hanson Information Systems today.

-Colin Helton

Client Communication Specialist


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