Cyber Security and Tech Predictions for 2018


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What we have seen this year could be a glimpse of what is to come. We saw massive losses and data breaches thanks to malware attacks (more on those below), but we have also started to see a small-scale implementation of tech like autonomous cars. So what can we expect for 2018 and beyond? Here are some guesses: 
Connectivity revolution - X, owned by Google's parent company Alphabet, is aiming to aid "twelve million households and thousands of businesses and government organizations" in India get broadband by 2019 using fiber optic technology. The catch? Not using actual fiber lines. 

Self-Repairing Phone Screens - With a little help, a glass polymer called polyether-thioureas can mend cracks in its structure, as discovered by accident by researchers in Japan. Best of all, you can do it yourself in a standard temperature setting with nothing but a little finger pressure.

Mainstream AI Integration - According to a study completed by Gartner, by 2020, not only will we see a mass of mainstream AI (artificial intelligence) integration into the workforce, but that it will create more jobs than it replaces.

At Hanson, we can't tell the future, but we can equip you with the most up to date security your business can have. It's never too early to discuss a top-notch cyber security plan. Call us today to talk to one of our systems administrators about your security needs. 

Hackers Get Creative

Remember the bygone days of easy to spot phishing attempts or fraudulent emails about a down-on-his-luck Nigerian prince in need of a few liquid assets to aid his plight? Unfortunately for all of us, it looks like those days are squarely behind us.

A Cupertino-based research team has discovered a new spin on the classic type of malware known as a trojan that can change how it is viewed by antivirus (AV) software. The new structure successfully evades 75% of commercially available AV programs.

Read more from The Inquirer.

Off Topic

Kids Are Seeing Fewer Commercials 

When you think about watching television, inevitably the thought of commercials blasting from your screen is a prominent consideration. But studies are showing that on average, while kids are watching more content, they are seeing fewer commercials.

Children who live in homes where their parents have "cut the cord" and utilize streaming services like Netflix or Hulu are seeing about 260 fewer hours of commercials than their peers whose parents still utilize standard cable providers for content. The same study shows, however, that overall viewing time is on the rise.

Read more from Exstreamist.


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Cyber Security and Tech Predictions for 2018

Hackers Get Creative

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