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Basics of a Winning Website

Small businesses are often guilty of neglecting their website or rushing through the design and development planning process. While time and money are understandably limited, having a poor website presence can drive customers away, leading to losses in prospective interest and revenue.

With this in mind, here are 10 suggestions to remember with website design and development:
  1. Responsive design
  2. Consistent branding
  3. Appealing images
  4. Uncluttered navigation
  5. Prominent contact information
  6. Persuasive headlines
  7. Important info "above the fold"
  8. Content promotion
  9. Strong calls-to-action
  10. Trust Indicators
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Hanson's Web Solutions

Hanson Information Systems' team of highly trained and dedicated web developers can assist your organization to create professional and engaging websites, web applications, and anything in between.

Hanson's web professionals work with clients to create collaborative partnerships that produce long-term solutions in an ever-changing market. 

Details on Hanson's Web Solutions can be found here or by contacting Hanson directly at 1-888-245-8468 or info@hansoninfosys.com. 

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