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Disaster Recovery

Solutions for Small Business

The growing number of natural disasters and the rise in data loss has increased the significance of having an effective IT disaster recovery strategy. The good news is that current offerings are helping smaller companies keep pace.

Below are some of the trends in disaster recovery for small businesses:
Cloud Services - enterprise-level disaster recovery options at reasonable rates
Virtualization - offers faster recovery time
Connectivity - users now have more connection options (smartphones, tablets)
Social Networking - provides alternate communication tools
Managed Disaster Recovery - organizations are leveraging the resources of third-party providers to better manage time and budgets
Electronic-Based Vaulting - options include software replication and backup to remote libraries
Recovery Point Objectives - these solutions balance risks with costs

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Where is YOUR Cloud?

Cloud backup has become an important piece of disaster recovery planning, but not all clouds are created equally.

That's where the value of Hanson's Local Cloud comes in - providing an off-site backup strategy, that is easily accessible in the event of an emergency or disaster.  

Unlike other cloud backup providers, where the data could be stored across the country or even across the globe, Hanson offers superior technology solutions, with the advantage of also being locally based.

For more information on Hanson’s Local Cloud Technology click here or contact Hanson at 1-888-245-8468 or email at info@hansoninfosys.com.


Cloud Computing Hits a Home Run

As professional baseball players gear up for the 2016 season, many technology professionals are doing the same.

In Major League Baseball, statistics like batting average and pitch speed are quite common, but now due to cloud technology, there are baseball stats readily available for just about every aspect of the game.

MLB is able to provide advanced metrics, thanks to a team of more than 500 developers from Baseball Advanced Media (BAM).  This team has worked over the past two years to create StatCast, an app that connects this advanced information to fans and broadcasters.

StatCast uses a complex system of game cameras with cloud-based computing to analyze plays in real-time, giving fans an experience and information like they've never had before.

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