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Affordable IT Tips for Small Businesses

From an article in Small Business Computing:

Small businesses can take economical steps toward improved IT performance.  One of those steps is taking advantage of the auto-upgrade tools that are standard on most computers, operating systems and applications.  However, if you put the burden of action on your employees, be aware that many workers often disregard the update notices, either due to busy schedules or because they assume the IT department will handle it.  End-user training and regular reminders can help maintain system security and uptime.

Hardware upgrades are more complex and many small businesses are understandably conservative about spending money on new equipment.  Yet the maintenance and conversion costs associated with operating outdated hardware add up, often costing more than purchasing new equipment.  Making small, meaningful hardware upgrades can increase efficiency, reduce the overall size of your network and save money in the long term.

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Save Money on Equipment With End of Year Discounts

Many hardware vendors offer end of the year promotions on equipment purchases.  If you are considering a purchase, Hanson can help with the process and explore savings through our vendor partners.

Organizations can benefit from Hanson's single-sourcing capabilities for end-to-end fulfillment services, that involve oversight of the entire procurement process.  Services include evaluating needs, researching solutions and vendors, evaluating and negotiating quotes for optimal savings, order entry, delivery and installation. 

Contact Hanson at purchase@hansoninfosys.com or (217) 726-2400 to discuss your equipment needs.

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