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Time for Small Businesses to Think BIG About Security 

In the world of cyber security, size matters. The smaller you are, the larger the threat you may face.

Leaders of small and midsize businesses tend to think their size makes them unappealing to cyber thieves when the opposite is true. Smaller companies don’t always see the need to protect their data as thoroughly as larger organizations.

The idea being – with a smaller customer base, access to fewer passwords and limited sets of credit card numbers – it’s just not worth the effort for cyber thieves. But cyber attackers are after more than passwords and credit card numbers, and smaller organizations often provide the steppingstones those criminals need.

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Cloud Security Tips

Cloud computing can represent a net gain in data security and system reliability – especially for small businesses with aging computers and data stored on hard drives that rarely -- if ever -- experience a backup.

But that does not mean you can take security and reliability for granted. Protecting your company in the cloud requires careful due diligence and planning.

These 10 cloud computing security considerations are a good starting point:
  1. Identify and assign value to assets
  2. Research compliance requirements
  3. Determine your risk tolerance
  4. Research potential providers’ processes
  5. Ask about security and reliability certifications
  6. Build security controls into the contract
  7. Negotiate service levels and exit strategies
  8. Pursue offline security measures
  9. Read the cloud security alliance guidance document
  10. Assess your liabilities

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