Windows Server 2003 Support Ending Soon


Support for Windows Server 2003 Ending Soon

The end is drawing near for Windows Server 2003.  On July 14, 2015, all extended support will cease and continuing to use this operating system could open users up to significant financial and security risks.  

There are an estimated 11 million organizations running on this operating system and small- to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits are likely candidates.  The reality is that, for many customers, this is about more than just Windows Server 2003 and will also include other aging products that put users at risk.

Inaction is not an option for this upcoming deadline, as Windows Server 2003 users will soon face the following:  

  • Maintenance Costs - Running legacy systems is expensive due to the need for intrusion detection systems, advanced firewalls, maintaining aging hardware and network segmentation.

  • Updates Ending - Updates will be eliminated to fix bugs, performance issues and security vulnerabilities.  Without a solution to these critical issues, users will open themselves up to cybersecurity dangers, such as malicious attacks and electronic data loss.

  • Lack of Compliance - Once support ends, so will compliance standards such as HIPAA and PCI regulations.

  • Software and Hardware Compatibility Issues - New software and hardware devices will not be built to integrate with Windows Server 2003.

It is vital for a business to know if this change will affect them and allow time to explore options, such as a migration or offloading some or all of the workload to cloud-based applications.

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