IT Consulting

Hanson Information Systems provides personalized consulting services that help businesses make intelligent, cost-effective technology decisions. We take the time to create the right relationship, one of trust and understanding, so you can appreciate just how important our customers' satisfaction is to us.

Whether it is determining root cause issues and remedies for existing problems, planning for a major technology implementation or migration, or uncovering how to meet the demands of a growing business, Hanson Information Systems helps you customize and personalize solutions.

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Website Development

Don’t just create a web site, create a web experience. Our highly trained and dedicated development team is driven to create elegant and engaging web sites, web applications, and anything in between. We work with our clients to create partnerships which produce long-term solutions in a relentlessly changing market.

Now is the time to expand your business into the digital world, and we can help you get there. Explore our portfolio and request a quote today!

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Web Hosting

Our servers, operating across VMware, Linux and Windows platforms, are state of the art with built in firewall and anti-virus protection. In addition, they have redundant capacity to ensure your site will be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Hosted websites enjoy full access to our corporate standard Internet bandwidth capable of handling millions of hits per hour, ensuring your site never seems slow. We can also assist you with Domain Name System (DNS) services.

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Hanson Information Systems provides network consulting services for system design, technology implementation, vendor selection, custom solution development, virtualization and systems management.

Our network professionals have experience with a wide range of networking products, platforms and protocols. We deliver superior solutions through strategic alliances with the industry’s leading manufacturers, keeping us on the forefront of technology.

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Do you have time to contact multiple manufacturers and distributors, evaluate the various technology options, request and compare price quotes, then wait days or weeks for delivery? Who’s going to install the equipment and ensure it works with your existing environment? Let Hanson Information Systems help you.

Hanson Information Systems' longstanding relationships with leading best-of-breed manufacturers and national distribution partners can provide you with competitive procurement services for your desktop, server, network and peripheral needs.

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IP and Private Network Services

Hanson’s Network services can be designed to meet your need for network connectivity, bandwidth, speed and data security. In a fast moving and competitive market place Hanson understands the seamless integration to your existing network and infrastructure without any service interruption. With an array of services and products to choose from, Hanson can customize your needs to meet your growth.

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Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Hosted Exchange provides a business with the IT tools for a busy staff to easily manage and share information. Additionally, being out of the office shouldn’t mean being out of touch. Hosted Exchange can provide your staff with reliable, functional and secure information – anytime, from anywhere.

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Cloud Technology – Application Hosting & Offsite Backup

Hanson Information Systems provides an enterprise grade cloud hosting environment for critical client applications and offsite backup solutions. With a state of the art data center - Hanson can guarantee 99.9% up time and easy accessibility.

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Security Solutions

In a business climate with increasing risks, IT security has become a necessity. It is no longer a matter of "if" a data breach will occur, it is "when" it will occur. The question then becomes... will that organization be prepared?

Recent studies have shown that small to mid-size businesses are now the prime target for cybersecurity attacks. This is attributed to a variety of factors such as; lack of enforced security policies, unsecured mobile technology, employee negligence, and providing a pathway to the data of larger enterprises.

In response to customers’ growing need for IT Security, Hanson Information Systems has bundled security products into affordable and easy to implement solutions. Service offerings can be individually selected and customized to allow for specific business needs.

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AT&T Partner Exchange Program

AT&T’s Partner Exchange Program allows Hanson Information Systems, Inc. to offer your business access to AT&T’s network, products, and services, while continuing the 19 year, client relationship-based service Hanson Information Systems, Inc. has come to define throughout Central Illinois.

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