Hosted Exchange

Hanson Information Systems can provide your business with a Hosted Exchange Email solution to increase the data accessibility and productivity of your employees. This integrated package easily brings together data from various devices and synchronizes all of that crucial information.

There aren’t many business tools more important today than email. Most companies rely on this mode of communication as their primary link to customers, prospects and among employees. With the high value and dependence placed on email, it is more important than ever to seek out the best possible solution for your business.

Hosted Exchange provides a business with the IT tools for a busy staff to easily manage and share information. Additionally, being out of the office shouldn’t mean being out of touch. Hosted Exchange can provide your staff with reliable, functional and secure information – anytime, from anywhere.

  • Unlimited number of email addresses can be procured
  • Access of email through Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA) and mobile devices (ActiveSync) allows your staff to be connected at all times
  • Offers generous disk space for mailboxes to ensure that users won’t have to delete important emails from their inbox
  • Being able to consistently access accounts allows users to stay productive by staying connected, even when outside the office
  • Changes made to emails, contacts or calendar on any device are kept up to date when accessed by another medium
  • Empower users to easily track messages, manage distribution lists and edit personal information - tasks that represent a significant percentage of technical support questions in many organizations
  • Hanson Email Encryption Service includes secure, cloud based encryption. Administrators can utilize multiple policies to specify exactly which outbound emails to encrypt. Emails that match credentials are securely sent via this simple, yet secure method.
  • Keep data safe and comply with mandated security requirements. A secure connection is established between your Outlook client and the Exchange server through Exchange’s default connection to Outlook (RPC over HTTPS)
  • Minimize dangerous and unwanted email with spam and virus filtering systems that come standard with every mailbox
  • Server is securely housed at Hanson’s state of the art data center, with 99.9% availability and redundancy

Access to information - The nature of conducting business has vastly changed in recent years. Whether working in a satellite office or at a remote location, Hanson’s Hosted Exchange can allow everyone on your team to access their important data from any Internet connection or from various mobile devices.

Affordability - Hanson’s Hosted Exchange is competitively priced and allows you to lower expenses by avoiding costly license fees and utilizing Hanson’s hardware, infrastructure and personnel.

Make the most of your IT resources - you won’t need a dedicated IT staff just to get your company on the fast track to enterprise-level communications. Hanson’s team of IT professionals will monitor your Hosted Exchange service 24/7/365, so you don't have to.

Quick and easy implementation - Hanson’s technical support team can quickly and smoothly transition your organization’s email to Hosted Exchange

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Web Access Only Package
  • All Outlook web access features
  • Personal mail folders, address list, calendar and tasks
    (not shared with other users)
  • Support for a single, second level domain
    for a single user or user organization
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Standard Package
  • Outlook Web Access features
  • Personal mail folders, address list, calendar and tasks
    (not shared with other users)
  • Support for a single, second level domain
    for a single user or user organization
  • E-Discovery
  • Multi-Mailbox Search
  • Messaging and personal folder access
  • SMTP, POP, IMAP and web browser access via any client
  • Global Address List
    Address list of all users within personalized domain or within the service provider’s entire domain

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Ask about our Enterprise Exchange Accounts for shared functionality

  1. What is Hosted Exchange?

    Hanson’s Hosted Exchange is a cloud-based email solution with calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes with an interface accessible via desktop computers, tablets and laptops, webmail and mobile devices. Hosted Exchange allows the added benefit of Outlook integration with public folders, and optional push service for mobile devices to ensure that an organization’s data is synchronized and up to date for all employees.

  2. What are the system requirements?

    Desktop computers and laptops should have a minimum of Windows 7 and Office 2010. If a computer or laptop doesn’t meet these minimum requirements, a full featured webmail interface is available. Tablets and mobile devices can access Mail, Calendars, Contacts and Tasks through their email’s Exchange Connector.

  3. Is a domain name required?

    Yes, a domain name is needed. An existing domain can be used or a new domain can be registered during setup. Access to the domain DNS is required to ensure mail is directed to the correct destination.

  4. Does Microsoft Hosted Exchange support ActiveSync?

    Yes, ActiveSync can be used to push email data to an iPhone®, Droid® and other smartphone devices.

  5. What is the size limitation for attachments?

    100 MB is the largest attachment that can be sent through email.

  6. What type of calendaring is available in Hosted Exchange?

    Hosted Exchange offers the full functionality of Exchange and Outlook. The main calendaring functions include creating appointments and events, organizing meetings, viewing group schedules, viewing other colleague’s calendars, sending calendars through email, and managing other user’s calendars through delegated access.

  7. Is spam filtering provided with this service?

    Yes, Hanson’s Hosted Exchange pricing includes Spam and Antivirus filtering of all incoming and outgoing email.

  8. Is Hosted Exchange compatible with Mac?

    Yes, if using Outlook for Mac, but some features will work differently.

  9. Is the connection secure?

    Hanson’s Hosted Exchange uses SSL connections by default.

  10. Does email need to be backed up before transitioning to Hosted Exchange?

    Yes, backups should be made of all current email accounts to allow for importing into the new mailboxes or for later access.

  11. How does the installation of Hosted Exchange work if there is not an IT person on staff?

    A technician from Hanson Information Systems can be on site or work remotely to perform the installation and migrate emails into the new email box.

  12. Can emails be encrypted through Hosted Exchange?

    Yes, Hosted Exchange offers email encryption through Barracuda’s email filtering system.

  13. Is Hosted Exchange HIPPA compliant?

    The Barracuda encryption service (optional) is HIPAA compliant. Data leak prevention can also be configured for additional security.

  14. How long will email be down during the installation of Hosted Exchange?

    It shouldn’t be down at all. Once the Hosted Exchange accounts are set up, new email is redirected and immediately available via webmail. Older emails will be delayed only until they are imported and synchronized to the Hosted Exchange servers.

  15. How to get started?

    Once a domain is established with DNS control, there is minimal paperwork to complete and Hosted Exchange can then be installed.

  16. Where can I download the Barracuda Outlook Add-In?

    Click here to download the Barracuda Outlook Add-In.